My thinking has transformed after finishing the book "The Outsiders". Before reading, I belived that once people do something really bad, they are labelled as "bad" and won't ever do anything good. I think people can always realize their mistakes and decide to accomplish something positive afterwars. For example, if a prisoner is released from jail, he can attempt to support the community by volunterring. Overall, poeple will change over time and we should not judge people by thier pasts.
1.     Why do you think most parents aren’t aware of the segregation between the Socs and the Greasers?

Most parents are not aware of the segregation between the two gangs, because the Greasers’s parents does not care and the parents of the Socs probably believe that their children are well behaved. Nonetheless, their parents might not even notice their children participating in gangs.

2.     Why is Darry so worried when Ponyboy tells his he had a dream the night before?

Darry is worried when Ponyboy declares that he had a nightmare, because Ponyboy has dreamed about his parents dying. The dream has brought Darry and Ponyboy horrible memories from the past.  

3.     How does Soda feel when his girlfriend, Sandy, moves away?

When Sodapop realizes that his girlfriend, Sandy, moves away, he is extremely depressed. Ponyboy and Sandy both ran away in the same week, so Sodapop is even more worried and disappointed.

4.     Why does Ponyboy hate the Socs in the Mustang?

Ponyboy hates the Socs in the Mustang, because they are the same group of people, who were attempting to murder Ponyboy by forcing him into a “mouth wash”.

5.     What does Ponyboy realize when he listens to Randy and Cherry talk about Bob?

When Ponyboy heard Randy and Cherry talking about Bob, he realizes some of the Socs are actually nice and soft. Bob is usually very generous, but he becomes quite arrogant when he is drunk.

1.     What does Darry tell Ponyboy after the fire? How does it make Ponyboy feel?

After the fire, Darry told Ponyboy that he was scared to death since Ponyboy ran way and he is sorry for what he has done to him. Finally, Ponyboy feels that Darry cares about him.

2.     How does Ponyboy feel about hunting? Why is he afraid to tell Dally he feels this way?

Ponyboy does not like hunting, because he feels bad for murdering the animals.  He is afraid to tell Dally, because he does not desire to display his weak and soft side.

3.     How does Johnny feel when he learns that his parents are not out looking for him?

Johnny did not say anything when he realizes that his parents did not look out for him, but I believe he is quite disappointed.

4.     What does Dally mean when he is worried that Ponyboy and Johnny will “get hardened in jail”?

Dally thinks Johnny and Ponyboy will become tough and mean by staying in the jail. He wishes that Johnny and Ponyboy could remain the way they are and be generous.  

5.     Why is Johnny happy to be in the burning church?

Johnny is happy to be in the burning church, because he is proud of what he has done to save all the children.

 1.Why are greasers and Socs so concerned about their reputations? How are they seen by society?

The greasers are extremely concerned about their reputation, because they do not desire to appear weak and be jumped on by the Socs. On the contrary, the Socs always crave to remain their reputation as tough, so the greasers would be afraid of them. To the society, the greasers are poor and weak, whereas the Socs are rich and powerful.

2.Why does Ponyboy dream about the country?

Living in the country has also been Ponyboy’s dream. He desires to experience a different live in the country, so he does not require to deal with the Socs and his life would be much peaceful.

3.Why does Ponyboy think Dally could never love anyone or anything?

Ponyboy believes that for Dally to love someone would be difficult, because in his memories Dally is often very strict and hardened. Dally only cares about himself and he never learn how to treat others well.

4.Why does Ponyboy feel bad when he talks about his home life to Johnny?

Ponyboy feels miserable when he discuses his home life with Johnny, because he understands that Ponyboy has a tougher life than him. Ponyboy’s parents are nice and generous. However, Johnny’s dad is an alcoholic, so he often abuses Johnny.

5.What does Ponyboy believe isn't fair about being a greaser?

Ponyboy thinks that being a greaser is not fair, because the society does not treat them properly. In everyone else’s eyes, the greasers are seen as troublemaker, which should be punished and get rid off from the community. 

1. Why do you think Ponyboy loves going to the movies? What role do movies play in your life? What do movies do for Ponyboy?

I think Ponyboy loves going to the movie, because he could avoid the “world” by enjoying the acting and escape from his tough and cruel reality life. In my life, movies allow me to relax and spend time with family and friends once in a while. The movies provide Ponyboy a chance to experience a different world, so he can forget about any harmful experience that happened to him during the day.

2. What does Ponyboy mean when he says he does well in school but "doesn't use his head"?

When Ponyboy describes that he does well in school but “doesn’t use his head,” means that he does not have common sense and never think before he acts.

3.What are some of the reasons Ponyboy gives for Darry's strict rules? Why doesn't Ponyboy think that Darry loves him?

Ponyboy believes that Darry is only making his life worst with the strict rules, because Darry becomes extremely irritate at him if he causes any mistakes. Darry does not display his love and care towards Ponyboy in a noticeable way, which causes Ponyboy to think that Darry does not love him.

4.What is Johnny's life at home like? What do the greasers give Johnny that he doesn't experience at home?

At home, Johnny’s parents ignore him most of the time. His dad violently injures him, while his mom screams at him every single second. Only the greasers provide him the meaning of love and take care of him.

5. Hoe does Ponyboy feel when the Socs tease him?

When the Socs tease Ponyboy, he becomes unconfident of himself and begin to surfer in all the problems he experiences at home.

1.     The article “Life of Reilly” by Rick Reilly, describes a high school football history in Grapevine, Texas.  Unfortunately, the football team has never had any fans, because most of the people are scared of the team members and stereotype them as prisoners. The opposite team decided to spread half of their fans for the Gainesville school, which allows the team to play better than they have ever done before. All of the team members experienced what being cared and cheered for is like.

2.     The Gainesville State School is unusual, because only prisoners attend to the school.

3.     I would expect them to look tough and dangerous. I think this way, because from watching movies, this is my impression of what people resemble when living in jail.

4.     This statement by the Gainesville player display examples of stereotyping, because the players feel that others are scared of them by looking at them in a different way. Strangers do not seem willing to provide them a second chance when they realize the players are criminals.

5.     In my opinion, stereotyping could also be positive. Some might judge that most Asians are good at math, but not necessarily. Everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses that are different from others.